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    For RockHard ABS ...

    Post by DreamzUnlimited on Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:32 pm

    There is no dearth of gizmos and gadgets targeted towards the abdominal muscles. Abdominal exercise routine can help you train your abs to their limits. Your dream body of a flat and trim abdomen is within your reach. Shape up your body with lower abdomen exercise. Get rid of your love handles with exercise. Here's how!

    Abdominal exercise

    Any good abs exercise program involves high intensity muscular overload and progressive increase in intensity. Abdominal exercises must be undertaken carefully so that the back is adequately supported. The upper and lower abdominal muscles are not separate muscles and abs exercises can help strengthen the entire abdominal region. But some exercises will tend towards developing either the upper or lower abdominal region. Abdominal exercises can help you also gain strong stomach muscles and back muscles. This can reduce the likelihood of back pains and provide protection against injury by efficient response to stress.

    Let us examine the muscles in the abdominal region. The Rectus abdominis is the muscle that stretches down the stomach from your ribs to the hips. The external and internal obliques run down the sides of the waist. They aid the rectus abdominis during curling and twisting exercises. Ab exercises need to tone or harden the muscles in that area. In addition, the body fat covering the abdominal muscles must be eliminated. That can only be achieved with a proper eating plan. Increasing protein intake and limiting carbohydrates is said to be one way of tackling flabby abs along with a sensible abs exercise routine and strength training.

    Ab exercise

    Ab exercise must be followed religiously and is all about frequency rather than intensity. No exercise must be continued if it leads to pain or extreme discomfort. The best ab exercise program can also help you achieve a flat and tight stomach. Many an abs exercise is performed on the floor. Abdominal muscles will react to resistance training like bicep curls and crunches.

    A simple 'pelvic tilt' performed while sitting in a chair can strengthen your ab muscles and support the back.

    Crunch - Lying on your back and knees bent; lift your shoulders off the floor. The emphasis is on moving the ribs towards the hips.

    Reverse Curl - Lying on your back, bend your knees towards the chest. Keep the hips on the floor. Contract your abdominal muscles at the same time. Your lower abdominal exercise program must include reverse curls.

    Leg raise - Single leg raise involves raising one leg from the floor. The double leg raise involves raising both legs from the floor at the same time and this works as an abdominal muscle exercise. Lying leg raises are ideal lower abdominal exercise

    Ab exercise with the ball - The stability ball is an effective training device for the abs and lower back. Due to the curve of the exercise ball, the lower abdominal muscles get trained better on account of the greater range of motion.

    Bicycle- It was ranked the best abdominal exercise by the American Council on Exercise. When performed with the abs muscles pulled, this exercise does great things for you.

    Plank - For this exercise program, you need to position yourself for a pushup and hold the pose. Ensure that your body is in one long, straight line from head to toes.

    Captain's chair - This abs exercise involves standing on a gym chair and gripping the handholds. Press your back against the head pad and slowly lift your knees towards your chest. The back must remain straight.

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