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    Personality Quiz

    Post by DreamzUnlimited on Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:13 am

    How well do you know your personality? Are you fun loving? Shy? Aggressive? Emotional? Take this fun personality quiz and learn who you really are.

    1. You make plans with a friend and they cancel on you, what do you do?
    o Ask them why.
    o Make fun of them and then call up someone else.
    o Say "whatever", and plan a night that'll be GREAT so they don't cancel again.
    o Feel hurt because you were looking forward to tonight.
    o No problem, you kinda wanted to stay home anyway.
    o Whatever, things happen, plans get canceled.

    2. If you knew you'd die tomorrow, how would you spend your last day?
    o Learning as much about the world as possible
    o Having as much fun as possible
    o Fulfilling a lifelong dream
    o Crying a lot probably
    o Spending time with loved ones
    o Making sure your will is written and your funeral is planned

    3. What do you think about most? The past, the present, or the future?
    o The past
    o The present
    o The future

    4. You have to write a research paper, what's your strategy?
    o Start right away, this could be interesting!
    o Blow it off for a few days and hope there's not a pop quiz.
    o Figure out what the teacher is looking for so you can impress him.
    o Whine and hate papers!
    o I'll probably finish it pretty fast, I don't have much planned.
    o Plan ahead, write a little each day.

    5. What sort of movie do you prefer to watch?
    o Independent films
    o Slapstick comedy
    o Spy thrillers
    o Dramas
    o Historical biopics
    o I don't have a preference

    6. Two close friends are in a fight, what do you do?
    o Have them sit down and talk it out
    o Lighten up the mood by making them laugh
    o Choose a side
    o Become upset, and feel pressure to pick a side
    o I'm not really sure what to do
    o They'll have to work it out

    7. Men and women often have different personality types. Which of these best describes you?
    o I am a fun-loving female.
    o I'm a grumpy girl.
    o I'm a shy guy.
    o I'm a stud.

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