How sexy are you ? ? ?

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    How sexy are you ? ? ?

    Post by Adora on Thu Mar 19, 2009 1:40 am

    How sexy are you test.....?

    Get a piece of paper and number it 1-11 (no cheating)

    See your results below:

    When you send it on put your score in the subject:

    1. What shade of hair do you have?

    a) Dark
    b) Light

    2. Out on a date would you want to?

    a) Go to a party?
    b) Go out to eat?

    3. What is your favourite colour out of:

    a) Baby-pink
    b) Yellow
    c) Baby-blue
    d) Turquoise

    4. Pick your favourite hobby out of:

    a) Surfing
    b) skate-boarding
    c) Skiing

    5. If you could pick a store out of the following, which would it be?

    a) Louie vuitton (shoes)
    b) Coach (sport)
    c) Against all odds (clothes)

    6. What is your favourite place out of the following?

    a) Hawaii
    b) London
    c) Florida

    7. In the summer would you rather go to:

    a) The beach?
    b) Somewhere cooler?

    8. What is your birthday month?

    9. Would you rather:

    a) Chill at home
    b) Go out with friends

    10. What is your favourite instrument out of?

    a) Guitar
    b) Bass guitar
    c) Drums
    d) The triangle

    1. A) dark=sexy [5points]
    b) Light=sweet [2points]

    2. a) go to a party=playful [2 points]
    b) go out to eat=romantic [5points]

    3. a) baby-pink=cute [2]
    b) Yellow=loud [3]
    c) baby-blue=cool [5]
    d) Turquoise=sexy [5]

    4. a) surfing=active [2]
    b) Skateboarding= determined [2]
    c) Skiing=daring [5]

    5. a) Louie vuitton filtered= tasteful[ 7]
    b) Coach=laid back [2]
    c) against all odds=stylish[ 5]

    6. a) Hawaii=you like being around people [2]
    b) London=you are quiet, and like the cold [2]
    c) Florida=you like to party! [5]

    7. a) beach=tan, likes the sun [5]
    b) Somewhere cooler = pale and original [2]

    8. a) January=popular [5] b) February=lovely [2]
    c) March=loud [2] d) April=playful [5]
    e) May=happy [5] f) June=chills a lot [5]
    g) July=smooth [2] h) august=fun [5]
    i) September=quiet [2] j) October=out- going [2]
    k) November=pimpin' it [5] l) December=warm [2]

    9. a) home=quiet, romantic [5]
    b) Go out with friends=crazy [5]

    10. a) guitar=eye-catching [5]
    b) bass-guitar= mellow [2]
    c) Drums=loud [2]
    d) Triangle=crazy [5]

    Up to 20 = not so sexy
    21-35 = rather sexy
    36+ = too sexy for this test!!!

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