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    ABC's of Love Empty ABC's of Love

    Post by Princessa on Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:50 am

    ABC's of Love Chem20love

    Advocate for your lover whenever they need you.
    Be a great team player.
    Collect your thoughts before a confrontation.
    Discuss, don’t nag.
    Exercise your ability to turn them on.
    Find new adventures to embark on together.
    Give them reasons why you love them each and every day.
    Hold your partner’s hand while you walk down the street.
    Include each other in decision making.
    Judge not the mistakes of the past.
    Kiss slowly, forgive quickly.
    Learn your partner’s love language.
    Make love when he needs to be loved.
    Never put him down in front of others.
    Open your mind to change.
    Plan grand gestures of love for them every so often.
    Quit your bad habits.
    Resist temptation.
    Support to your partner’s dreams and desires.
    Trust your partner more than you trust anyone else.
    Underestimate not the power of praise.
    Value his attributes and strengths.
    Welcome his advice.
    X out selfishness.
    Yield and compromise when your partner needs you to.
    Zeal and creativity is how you please him between the sheets.

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