How to dress for the GYM

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    How to dress for the GYM Empty How to dress for the GYM

    Post by DreamzUnlimited on Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:44 pm

    Anyone who frequents the gym knows that a vast number of guys fail to wear the proper attire. How often have you seen some guy on the bench press wearing jeans or cargo pants? Worse yet, have you ever had the displeasure of witnessing a man doing squats in spandex shorts?

    The gym is perhaps the most important setting to wear the proper clothing because sporting baggy clothes, long track pants or ill-fitting shoes may result in injury. And since you're trying to dress well to avoid getting hurt, you might as well be fashionable doing it. Many men take their gym clothing for granted, throwing on an old shirt and some sweatpants. They figure that they'll just sweat all over it anyway, so why wear something nice?

    This attitude, however, will get you nowhere; the gym is just like any other setting in your life where it is important to be fashionable. You are as likely to meet a potential girlfriend or boss at the gym as you are at the mall. Why look good in one setting and not in another?
    do your body good
    The easiest and most acceptable fashion choice for top wear is a T-shirt. I'm not talking about your stained and tattered Cape Code tourist T-shirt, though. You're going to have to be a little pickier than that. To ensure that you choose a functional and fashionable tee, you should look for a few particular characteristics.

    T-shirts should be made of light, breathable material, such as cotton. Avoid polyester. Your shirt should also fit properly; T-shirts that are too large or too tight should be avoided. I like the T-shirts made by Under Armour; they're light, the microfiber material helps keep you cool and dry, and they look great with a matching pair or Under Armour shorts.

    Don't:Thinking about wearing a mesh T-shirt? Not unless you have a time machine to travel back to 1985, McFly.

    Though tempting, you should also stay away from the basic white T-shirt for three reasons: White does not radiate heat as well as darker colors, making it harder to stay cool, it picks up dirt and stains easily, and you can probably recall from last year's Spring Break what happens to white T-shirts when they get wet. So if you sweat through it, everyone will know about your third nipple.

    You should also avoid A-shirts, the thin white tank tops often associated with domestic abuse. If you are adamant about having your "guns" show, just wear a sleeveless shirt instead of a tank top. And please, for everybody's sake, even if you can bench press 350 pounds, don't wear one of those ridiculous tank tops that have spaghetti strap-like pieces of fabric holding it together and leave your pecs exposed.

    A girl I once knew on the college track team said: "Wearing spandex is a privilege, not a right." For women, that's probably true. For men, it's neither a privilege nor a right; it's a very, very bad mistake. If you have some reason to wear form-fitting spandex shorts, wear longer shorts to cover them up.

    Your best bet here is simple cotton gym shorts that don't extend more than an inch or two below the knees. These shorts should be worn at or slightly below your waist, not hanging off your butt -- you aren't in a rap video.

    Don't: Sweatpants are fine, but probably not the most fashionable choice. There really isn't any reason to be wearing long pants at the gym, unless you are self-conscious about your legs. In this case, there are more stylish exercise pants sold by Adidas and Nike.

    You've probably seen those pants/shorts that are all the rage with the women at the gym -- the ones with "Juicy" scrawled across the back. These delightful shorts give guys an excuse to stare at a woman's posterior region ("I was just reading your shorts!"), but are only delightful for guys to look at, not to wear.

    Shoes and socks
    With so many versatile and stylish athletic shoes on the market, it shouldn't be hard to find a pair that is functional and that also appeals to your personal taste. I have always been a fan of brands like New Balance and Nike.

    Never wear any kind of shoe other than a sneaker because you won't get the appropriate type of arch support you need during a rigorous workout.

    Stick to white, cushiony socks, or a variation on white. Colored and patterned socks do not mix with the gym.

    Don't: Don't wear socks that come up much past your ankle. There are some modern subcultures where pulled-up tube socks are fashionable, but this is only if you live in a place like Compton.

    Hats are generally a bad idea. They can get in the way of your weightlifting. They also trap heat coming off your head, making it harder for you to stay cool. Also, most people do not wash their hats as often as they wash their other clothes, so they develop a less-than-savory odor rather quickly.

    Don't: Headbands are generally ridiculous unless you're playing basketball and intending to look silly.
    general tips
    Go with gloves
    Weight gloves are a good idea if you do a fair amount of weight training because callused hands aren't attractive. Find a very breathable pair or they will start to smell like your hat.

    Ditch the jewelry
    Only wear a watch if you must. In that case, make sure it is a plastic, lightweight sports watch. Other than the watch, you should leave your jewelry at home, as it will only get in your way. Besides, the gym isn't the place for bling (remember the whole rap video lesson?).

    Towels aren't terrible
    If your gym provides a towel, use it. If it doesn't, bring one. There are few things grosser than sitting on a bench and realizing you are in a puddle of the last guy's sweat. Don't be that guy.

    Bring extra clothes
    If you do intense cardio before weights, you will sweat all over the gym. To avoid this problem, you might want to consider bringing a change of clothes for the rest of your workout, as you will likely sweat through your first set of clothes.

    Wear matching colors
    Many guys who manage to wear functional clothing still don't look as fashionable as they could at the gym. You would never wear a maroon shirt with orange pants on a date, so why would you wear it at the gym? It isn't necessary to purchase ready-to-wear exercise ensembles -- that's going a little far. But if you are wearing a gray shirt with a black Nike "swoosh," why not wear black shorts with it? It's never hard to put in that extra effort to match, and you never know when that cute girl on the elliptical might be looking your way.
    pumping iron in style
    Wearing functional clothing at the gym is important for practical reasons, but keeping fashion in mind is also a good idea. So even if your clothes are still relatively functional, but beginning to look a little dingy and/or worn out, it's time to purchase some replacements. With your gym attire in control, you can now focus on more important things at the gym -- like watching your form or getting Elliptical Girl's number.

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