Hair Removal: Your Summer Grooming Guide

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    Hair Removal: Your Summer Grooming Guide Empty Hair Removal: Your Summer Grooming Guide

    Post by DreamzUnlimited on Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:45 pm

    Fact: A man’s hair is the first thing many women notice. You’ve got to have a stylish coif... but the most expensive haircut in the world won’t help you if you’ve got weed-like hair sprouting out the collar of your shirt or waving at her through your ears and nose.

    Hair removal doesn’t end at shaving your face. Now that summer’s here and your body's on display, it’s about time you get rid of all that unsightly hair.

    Here are some of the hair-prone areas you should pay special attention to.

    When you’re going shirtless at the beach this summer, you need to make sure that your chest hair is under control. The amount, pattern and coarseness of chest hair varies from man to man, but just as with any other type of body hair, it does have the tendency to grow a little out of control if not maintained. So, if you plan on rocking that pool party in style this summer, I recommend you clean up the grizzly mess under your shirt. You’ll look neat and clean, and you'll be able to show off those muscles you spent all winter working on.

    How to get rid of it: It’s your prerogative to go bald -- bodybuilder-style -- or to keep what Mother Nature gave you. If you’re getting rid of it all, try waxing or using the Bodygroom. If you’ve decided to take this route for the long-haul, electrolysis is another option. Shaving is a quick and convenient option for removing your chest hair; Philips' Norelco Bodygroom groomer is a great way to get the job done.

    If you’re solely interested in cleaning up your natural look, you can (carefully) use a pair of small scissors. Or if you’re natural look is a little shaggier than most men, use a pair of clippers or, the Bodygroom trim function.

    Neck Up
    The back of your neck, your ears and your nose should be the No. 1 priority, since these are the parts that are prominently on display. If you’ve got hair growing on the back of your neck -- whether it’s dark and coarse or light and fine -- it should be removed. Your haircut will look sleeker and it won’t look like your neck hair is an extension of a horrendously hairy back.

    As for your ears and nose, you need to upkeep the hair in these areas on a regular basis. Make it a part of your daily routine to check these parts out in the mirror every morning. If you see any hair peeking out, trim it.

    How to get rid of it: For your ears and nose, you can use the specialized trimmers that are made specifically for this problem, like the Philips Norelco MultiTrim. Regarding the back of your neck, you’ve got a few options: You can go the traditional route with a razor and some shaving cream or you can use an electric razor. And for the really brave men, waxing is an option.

    A hairy back is never okay. This is one place that should be bald -- always. It’s a non-negotiable grooming tip. This rule also extends to the shoulder area.

    How to get rid of it: Unless you have someone to shave your back every few days, you’re going to have to turn to waxing for this problem. If you have the cash to invest in eliminating your back hair forever, electrolysis is the ultimate choice.

    What to do with hair in the groin region is a personal call. While there’s no set rule on how you should be maintaining the hair here, it’s advised that you keep it nice and neat -- if you want to keep it at all. It’s easy to overlook this body part while you’re grooming for the summer because she can’t see it -- at least not right away. But why not give your nether region a trim (or a complete shave) for when she does? Trust me, she’ll notice and appreciate the effort you’ve put into grooming yourself.

    How to get rid of it: Shave it. Use a groomer like the Bodygroom that gives you the option of going hairless or just giving the area a little clean-up. Remember: This is an area you’re going to have to maintain on a regular basis since the hair will grow back almost immediately.

    a hairy situation

    Grooming unsightly hair is part of being a well-kempt man. But we’re not talking about going bald here (unless you absolutely want to); women tend not to like a man with less hair and smoother skin than them. We’re merely suggesting that you groom any grizzly-like hair that’s unnecessarily poking and prodding in unusual areas. And since you’ll be showing off more skin during the hot summer months, you’ll be exposing your problematic hair areas if you don’t trim, wax or shave the problem away.

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