Mastering The Undershirt

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    Mastering The Undershirt Empty Mastering The Undershirt

    Post by DreamzUnlimited on Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:45 pm

    You can wear undershirts for a number of reasons: for warmth, for hygiene or for style.

    Although each man has a different reason for sporting an undershirt, he should follow certain guidelines concerning how he wears it. To help you master the art of the undershirt, here is a breakdown of the various types of undershirts and some basic tips for wearing them.

    types of undershirts
    The A-shirt
    Over the past few decades, the A-shirt has become the sort of “black sheep” of undershirts. The media has helped to conjure up the rather unfortunate fate of this article of clothing being associated with gang violence, the lower class and domestic abuse. In case you are unfamiliar with the term “A-shirt,” it is the undershirt that looks like a very thin, ribbed tank top. The ribbing usually ensures that it is seen through the outer shirt.

    Although I can think of few situations that actually require wearing an A-shirt, one possible instance might be wearing it under a T-shirt as a sweat-absorbing layer.

    The crewneck shirt
    Whether you know the term or not, I’d be willing to bet that everyone owns a shirt with a crewneck. These typical round-collar T-shirts are probably the most versatile type of shirt and, consequently, the most popular. Typical use for these shirts might be under a dress shirt with a suit and tie or under a sweater.

    The V-neck shirt
    Next to the crewneck, V-necks are the most popular choice when it comes to undershirts and can be worn in the same way as crewneck shirts.

    undershirt visibility, or lack thereof

    When choosing to wear an undershirt, you have two options: You either intend for the undershirt to be seen or to be unseen. Whichever you pick is fine, so long as it looks stylish. Plenty of situations call for undershirts to show. For example, if you are wearing a crewneck undershirt with a button-up dress shirt, but you casually leave the top few buttons undone, your crewneck will undoubtedly peek through. However, if you are dressed in a tuxedo, you’re probably wearing the undershirt for functional purposes and would rather it not show at all.

    While making your undershirt visible might seem rather straightforward, having your undershirt remain unseen is not always easy to achieve. To ensure that no one sees your undershirt , go with a crewneck. As mentioned before, the only scenario in which a crewneck could be seen is when you’re wearing a shirt with an open collar. If you insist on wearing a V-neck or an A-shirt, but do not want your undershirt to be seen, I strongly suggest wearing a thicker outer shirt to hide what lies beneath.

    other general tips
    Only wear once
    I would like to suggest this tip for hygiene’s sake. Do not wear an undershirt more than once. I understand that men may like to get a few wears out of a pair of jeans or even work pants. The concept of “wears,” however, does not work for undergarments, like underwear, socks or undershirts. These garments absorb more sweat than outer garments and, consequently, can not be worn more than once if you hope to avoid breeding odor.

    Purchase a staggering number of undershirts. This way, if you don’t get around to doing laundry for two weeks, it doesn’t matter -- six of your 20 undershirts are still clean.

    Get the right fit
    Although you may consider it a given that your undershirt fits properly, many guys do not realize the importance of this rule. On one hand, if your undershirt is too tight, you’ll be uncomfortable all day. On the other hand, if your undershirt is too large, you’ll become irritated with the excess material around the sleeves, bottom and sides of the shirt. Your undershirt should fit loosely enough so that you have room to breathe, but not enough room to fit football padding underneath.

    Undershirts are not outerwear
    If you want your undershirt to be featured as part of your visible outfit, you do not want it looking like just any old undershirt. For example, if that visible undershirt has yellow pit stains, holes or a great deal of wear, you surely would not want anyone to see it. Yet, if this undershirt is being worn under a dress shirt, these problems aren't as much of a concern, but you should strongly consider investing in some new ones.

    The solution here is to buy higher quality undershirts to be worn specifically for occasions when they will be seen. Many major designers sell high-quality A-shirts, crewneck shirts and V-neck shirts. Reserve your old Hanes and Fruit of the Loom for when nobody’s looking.

    Avoid the yellow
    Finally, if you’re one of the many guys who experiences those unfortunate yellow armpit stains I’ll let you in on a little secret: The culprit is your antiperspirant. Aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly causes this yellowing; it reacts with our bodies to create these terrible yellow stains. Instead, try switching to one of the many deodorants that do not contain this chemical.

    understanding undershirts
    Whatever your reason for wearing an undershirt, wear it properly. Wearing an undershirt should be about comfort, both physically and stylistically. Follow these tips and all you'll have left to worry about is the part of your outfit that people will actually see.

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