6 Rulez for wearing color

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    6 Rulez for wearing color Empty 6 Rulez for wearing color

    Post by DreamzUnlimited on Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:47 pm

    Been feeling like your wardrobe is a bit more “blah” than “blazed” these days? Do you stick to a drab palette of black, gray, blue, and the occasional khaki-colored neutral? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, consider injecting some life into your wardrobe with a few brightly colored pieces.

    Although wearing color can be a tricky thing for men, a few splashes here and there will update all the clothes you already own and ensure that you stand stylishly apart from the crowd. So be sure to follow the six rules below and solidify your status as the peacock of the walk for seasons to come.

    1- Use color to accessorize
    Color need not be restricted to core wardrobe items. Colored accessories are a perfect way to show your playful side. A brightly colored belt is a fast, inexpensive and easy way to enhance all your existing outfits. Bright blue, green and red belts are all great additions for those individuals who are a little wary of wearing color. Pair these bright beauties with jeans and a white-collared shirt for a casual-yet-hip look during the day. To spice up your evening wear, add the belt to a slim-cut black suit or team it with jeans and a dark blazer for a funky clubbing look.

    2- Wear one bold piece at a time
    One bold piece of color can be incredibly eye-catching, but more than one will simply leave you looking like a clown. A forest green trench coat worn with brazen attitude looks impeccably stylish when paired with denim or khaki trousers. The important thing to remember when wearing dominant pieces of color is that the rest of your outfit should be confined to neutrals and basic cuts -- so, no frilly tuxedo shirts.

    3- Complement your color
    The darker your skin tone, the brighter the color you can get away with. Those with very pale skin should choose lighter to more medium shades, while those with very dark skin should go for brighter colors to avoid seeming washed out.

    4- Spend more for color
    Did your father ever sit you down and tell you never to wear fuchsia? Well he’s wrong, because if it happens to be in the form of an extravagantly expensive cashmere sweater, you most certainly can. Essentially, the more outrageous the color, the better the quality of the fabric -- and the more expensive -- your garment should be. Note: a $10 hot-pink shirt looks like a $2 hot-pink piece of crap.

    5- Layer your colors
    If you’re afraid of making too bold a statement with a colored shirt or sweater, don’t be afraid of testing the “colored water” by layering your look a bit. In the colder months, wear a dark blazer over a colored shirt or sweater for a sporty, European look. For spring and summer, be casually cool by layering a white polo shirt over a brightly colored, long-sleeve cotton crewneck.

    6- Keep it all in the family
    Don’t be afraid to wear two colored pieces at once; just remember to keep them in the same color family. For example, wearing a printed shirt with a solid-colored tie that picks up your shirt’s color goes a long way in showing girls you can pick an outfit.

    color it up
    For a long time, colors were restricted only to men who preferred other men in the bedroom. In recent years, however, wearing color has become a sign of style for straight guys who care about their appearance and whose wardrobe extends beyond flannel shirts and ripped jeans. And though the initial jump to new shades and tones can be intimidating for many men, simply follow the rules above to ensure that your relationship with red, green, yellow, and even fuchsia remains colorful and coordinated, and the colors you wear will reflect your bright personality.

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