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    Post by Adora on Thu Mar 19, 2009 2:36 am

    Water: It's true that gulping down loads of water will help your skin look its prettiest. "Water helps your skin by getting by-products out of your body," says Ryba. By drinking lots of water, you're helping your kidneys function better, which in turn helps skin avoid a sallow, tired look.

    •Salmon, flaxseed, and avocado: All contain omega-3 fatty acids, compounds that help reduce inflammation in the body. That reduction in inflammation helps combat problems like puffy eyes, pronounced fine lines, and sagging skin. Be sure to buy wild -- not farmed -- salmon, to get the best fatty acids. Grind your flaxseeds before sprinkling them on yogurt or cereal for the most benefit.

    •Berries and melon: Both are low-sugar fruits and help to make skin firm and taut. It's important to avoid high-sugar foods, including high-sugar fruits like pineapple and banana. "[Foods with a lot of sugar] cause your blood sugar to rise, which makes insulin come into your system and sets off a chain of hormonal reactions," says Ryba. Those hormonal reactions can make your body retain water and increase inflammation, both of which contribute to puffiness and tired-looking skin.

    •Nuts and wheat germ: Both are chock-full of biotin, a nutrient known for making hair and nails strong and resilient.

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